Political scientist: No donkeys are left in Russia (video)

Moscow-based political scientist Andaranik Mihranyan is not surprised or concerned by Armenia’s decision to join the Customs Union without Nagorno-Karabakh.

“Can anybody show me a document that says that Nagorno-Karabakh is a part of Armenia?  Ne do not admit that Karabakh is part of Armenia. Nor do we recognise its independence,” he said.

Mr. Mihranyan arrived in Yerevan to deliver lectures at Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan. He will focus on Armenia’s accession to the Customs Union which was announced by Serzh Sargsyan a year ago.

The political scientist supports the decision and is unequivocally in favor of the deal.

He does not even want to comment on the allegations that the process may undermine Armenia’s independence.

Speaking to A1+, the professor said all those who believe that after joining the CU Armenia will return to the Soviet Union, cut off from the reality.

“Why should Armenians fear the Soviet Union that gave a vast amount of knowledge, science, art, operas, theatres and everything else? It is Moscow that should be afraid because they will have to allocate billions of subsidies. No donkeys are left in Russia that will agree to feed others at their own expense,” said Mr Mihranyan.

Official reports suggest that Armenia will sign an EEU accession agreement by the beginning of 2015. The EEU agreement is to start operating on January 1, 2015. Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to sign the Treaty of Armenia’s accession to the EEU.