Yazidi women were sold in a Mosul market as slaves

A group of Yazidis living in Armenia have recently returned from the Turkish border with Iraq. They say 22 million Yazidis have taken refuge in Turkey after being displaced by the radical Islamists in Iraq.

Sashik Sultanyan, Vice-Chairman of National Committee of Yazidies NGO, and Boris Murazi, Head of the Sanjar Union, visited Yazidi refugee camps in Turkey to see their co-ethnics.  During the visit, they understood that the main problem their countrymen are facing today is connected with housing as most of them stay in parks.  The group heard harrowing things about atrocities committed against Iraqi Yazidis by Islamists in Iraq.

“Yazidi women mostly sold as slaves in a Mosul market . Many of them tied their hands with rope and committed suicide by throwing themselves from a rock,” says Sashik Sultanyan.

Yazidi refugees are afraid to return to their homes. “They say they are surrounded by Muslims and cannot predict what might happen to them,” says Boris Murazi.

According to preliminary information, 20 thousand Yazidis have been killed in Iraq in recent months since Islamic State militants started mass massacres against local Yazidis.