Alexander Arzumanyan: Kocharyan will have to answer for his misdeeds (video)

A year ago, when Armenia expressed its willingness to join the Customs Union, the political situation was quite different in the world, a former foreign minister of Armenia said on Wednesday.

“Today the situation has changed. Russia has declared the European Union its enemy, it has provoked a civil war in Ukraine,” said Alexander Arzumanyan.

He is against Armenia’s accession to the Customs Union, as it is under the burden of western sanctions.

“Do we, Armenians, need it today? It is obvious that the Union will not have political future and prospects,” he said.

In response to the question how he treats the return of ex-president [Robert Kocharyan] to politics, Mr Arzumanyan said, “I have already said that he [Kocharyan] is a successful pensioner. Let him enjoy everything that he accumulated during his years in power. I hope one day he will be made accountable for the evil he has done to people, for using the use the army against people. I think that our people have a good memory.”