Residents fight against water shutoffs: Great appetite left them without water for 20 days (video)

About 300 residents of Yerevan’s Verin Shengavit district have not had water for 20 days.

Grandmother Olya who has a stent placed in a blocked heart artery cannot restrain her anger; her 85-year-old husband, who had a heart attack (myocardial infarction), has to carry water from the collection point to their home in heavy containers several times a day. Grandpa Hrant also has to walk a long distance to fetch water from a neighbouring district.

The water supply to the 11th street of the district was turned off after the French-run Yerevan Jur Company decided to lay a water pipe in the neighbouring street., which will also supply water to the residents of the 11th street. However, the expenses of laying the new supply pipe were laid on residents. As they say ‘appetite comes with eating.’ After collecting the required amount of money, the supply company in charge of the provision of water supply demanded that residents also pay for spare parts and construction work.

The hopeless citizens have appealed to different agencies but to no avail.