Paintings to support Syrian Armenians

To support Syrian Armenians who have suffered from Syrian crisis, today “Stop in Yerevan” paintings and photos exhibition was opened in the UNO Office.

The exhibition was organized by “Aleppo” public organization and “Diaspoarts”. The aim of the exhibition is to support Syrian Armenians settled in Armenia and Syria, mainly by providing them shelters to prevent the migration from Armenia.

There were presented 57 paintings by French, Syrian Armenian and Armenian authors.

Bradley Buzetto, standing coordinator of the UNO in Armenia, Christophe Bervirt, High Commissioner for Refugees and Tsovil Makaryan, “Aleppo” NGO general representative, were present at the official opening of the exhibition.

The latter thanked all the people present and organizers, and Bradley Buzetto called everybody to visit the exhibition till the end of September and have their contribution.