Toxic substances of the tailing pond join irrigation water: the village must be replaced (video)

Tukhmanuk mine issue is heating up. The reason is the permission of new Minister of Nature Protection to build the third tailing pond. Lawyer Arthur Grigoryan notes, “Nature Protection Ministers are losing their quality, Vardan Ayvazyan, it seemed that it can’t be worse, Aram Harutyunyan, Aramayis Grigoryan, all they confirmed a project, which is absurd.”

According to 2012 project, Tukhmanuk third tailing pond will be 5 times bigger than Melikgyugh, which is about 800 m far from the mine. Damage will be disastrous, is sure ecologist Amalya Gabrielyan. Every day she gets complaints from the villagers, “Health condition has got worse, fields are getting dry, very often white toxic substances come from that tailing pond and join irrigation water.”

For escaping legislative processes “Global gold” company applied to manipulations in the new project, which skipped from the attention of new minister.

Ecologist Seyran Minasyan is sure that soon after the exploitation the village must be replaced as there won’t be possible to live.

More in the video later