Nothing must be changed to the detriment of Artsakh: Larisa Alaverdyan (video)

Our authorities have chosen a wrong way for the recognition of NKR independence, today announced Human Rights First Defender, “Against violation of law” NGO president Larisa Alaverdyan.

According to her words the problem is de facto resolved for us, but the authorities couldn’t get its recognition de jure still in 1994.

Historian Edik Minasyan agrees with Larisa Alaverdyan. According to him the authorities of Armenia must have made such decision still in 1994, now it is a bite difficult.

Just 23 years ago on this day was the birth of second republic of Armenia. Historian Edik Minasyan considers the declaration on the NKR Independence to be historical, 99 percent of NKR population voted for the declaration of independence.

Today NKR has great achievements both in inner and foreign policy. According to his words, RA must include NKR in the international programs.

Turning to operating of checkpoint between Armenia and NKR, human rights first defender noted that they have such checkpoints without the CC. She wonders what they are afraid of, “I see a problem, that Armenia must clearly say that Artsakh will benefit from it as much as Armenia and nothing must be changed to the detriment of Artsakh,”- summed up Larisa Alaverdyan.