People still feel the effects of Hovik Abrahamyan’s words (video)

Sociologist Aharon Adibekyan says at school he used to read 300 pages a day starting from the fifth grade.

Four years ago, the former speaker of the National Assembly, Hovik Abrahamyan, hinted that one should not be so fixated on books: “One need not be very smart to become a politician,” he said.

Our citizens still feel the effects of the expression made ​​by the former parliament speaker and the current prime minister.

The citizens who participated in our survey have either graduated from a university or are still studying there. Many say they do not understand the aim of their studies.

Today Hovik Abrahamyan participated in the opening of a new high school in Masis. There were a lot of balloons and posters everywhere. “In the future, we shall have knowledge-based economy,” said Mr Abrahamyan.

In Vardashen, the Prime Minister stressed that authorities emphasize the role of education. He even set an example for schoolchildren: “Come on, let us say together: a, b​​, g, d, e, z…”

Mr Abrahamyan said that Armenians have thirst for knowledge.