Minister conveys to schoolchildren the wishes if his childhood friend

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, Hovhannes Manukyan, today visited Yerevan No 14 special school for children with visual impairments.

The minister congratulated the teaching staff and pupils on the occasion of Knowledge Day and recalled an episode from his childhood.

“In my preschool years, I had a close friend. We were inseparable friends. When it was time for me to start school I thought we would study in the same class but it was impossible as he had vision problems. Soon our communication stopped. We met again many years later thanks to social networks. Now he lives far away, but I’m very happy that everything is OK his life. He is a teacher at school. Knowing that I am coming here today, he asked me to convey his congratulations and the following words, “Life is beautiful, life is bright. Everything else depends on you; you perception of colours, education and fatherland.’ Hovhannes Manukyan said wishing the children success in their studies and in all endeavors.