Sarkis Hatspanian: Like a mouse, Erdogan is playing with Serzh Sargsyan (video)

The program of Turkey’s 62nd government led by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu pays special attention to the Armenian issue.

“Davutoğlu attaches great importance to the Armenian issue, but as he said earlier ‘Turkey’s foreign policy will not change,” Sarkis Hatspanian, an expert on regional issues, said on Monday.

Sarkis Hatspanian says Turkey’s 62nd government will work for nine months as the country is on the threshold of parliamentary elections and all forces need to demonstrate their abilities to the full.

“In the current government three persons are ill-disposed to Armenians. For example, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has had a major role in Armenia-Azerbaijan relations and has a pronounced pro-Azerbaijani orientation. Today he is the country’s foreign minister and a flagman of Turkish diplomacy. Armenia should be well prepared for this,” said Mr Hatspanian.

A group of Turkey’s senior officials is expected to arrive in Armenia on the eve of the 100-year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and they are expected to visit the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex.

“The issue of the Genocide is actually a problem for them but I think they will try to soft-soap Armenians,” he said. “But neither their visit, nor their bowed heads can change anything as Genocide is the only crime that does not recognize time and demands a legal response but, as you can see, to this date our authorities have not made any concrete and practical steps to remedy the situation. They believe that they are doing us a favor by coming here, which again proves that our diplomacy is on a low level.”

The expert does not rule out the possibility of opening the Armenian-Turkish border on the threshold of the Genocide anniversary. “While our authorities pretend to be innocent and are sitting idle, Turkey is taking definite steps and will likely open a section of border by then. Like a mouse, Erdogan is playing with Serzh Sargsyan.”