Customer kept in sentry post of hotel

An employee of “Valem” Hotel Complex Mikayel S. reported to the Malatia Department of the Police of the Republic of Armenia that three of the four young people who visited the complex on February 26, 2014 and occupied a VIP room left the complex, but the fourth one stayed in the hotel who promised to pay the service fee, but in the dawn he fraudulently left the hotel. On March 24 a criminal case was instituted with the regard to the case under Paragraph 1 of Part 2 of Article 178 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia. Aleksandr P. who fraudulently left the hotel was taken into custody in the Malatia Investigation Department where he confessed that on February 26 he had invited three friends of his to “Valem” Hotel Complex. When he asked for the bill, he found out that the money he had on did not suffice. He saw his three friends off. To avoid further arguments he called the police and informed that he did not have enough money to cover the hotel bill. He requested the police to send policemen so as to write an obligating document in their presence. The police who had arrived at the restaurant instead of supporting him kept him in the sentry post of the hotel where he made an escape in the morning. On July 10 the Special Investigation Service instituted a legal proceeding with regard to the criminal case. On the same day a new criminal case was instituted based on materials of the criminal cases with regard to the abuse of the powers by individuals conducting a state special service under Paragraph 1 of Article 308 of the Criminal Code, the SIS press service reports.

The suspect or the accused of the alleged offence is deemed innocent since his or her innocence is not proved by virtue of the effective court verdict in the manner prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia