Does independence of media depend on internal resources? (video)

“It is difficult to say whether the media in Georgia is fully independent of political parties and individuals who have their own business interests, but we have good examples. One of them is the example of media holding, where unbiased and objective reporting is the main weapon,” says Mamuka Andguladze, Head of the Mamuka Andguladze, the Head of Information Law Institute.

However, the examples are few. The market has yet to be freed, and the process is underway. Mamuka Andguladze refrained from giving names. “Whoever you ask, they will say that we provide objective information,” said Andguladze.

And what is the situation of media in Azerbaijan?

Arif Aliyev, Chairman of the Yeni Nesil Journalists’ Union of Azerbaijan, says they can have fully independent media; there is a favourable environment for it.  “We have financial resources, human potential, 25-year experience, let alone the latest technologies and international experience,” he said.

He does not believe the independence of the press in the region depends on internal resources, rather, it dependence on the effective use of these resources.

Chairman of the Yerevan Press Club, Boris Navasardyan, says online networking allows expanding the information field and reaching a wider audience, but new problems are encountered here.

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