Opinion: Republicans should be made accountable for their misdeeds (video)

A1+ has conducted a survey in Yerevan to know the opinion of our citizens about the acting authorities.

One of our responds said ‘he dreams of a revolution to get rid of the ruling Republicans.’ He says Republicans have disgraced Armenia. Because of them Armenia has gone into debts and there will be neither Republicans nor Armenia in a few years’ time.

“Our children and grandchildren will have to settle these debts,” he stressed.

“You will hardly find an Armenian who does not have questions for the Republican government. I believe that everyone will participate in the revolution,” said a woman. She wonders how people can tolerate the authorities who instead of curbing migration are promoting it. “The authorities will never sober up,” she added.

An elderly man has his vision of ridding Armenian of Republicans.  He dreams of an Armenia without anarchy and bribery, an Armenia where Republicans are made accountable for their misdeeds and are not allowed to go quietly.