Hamalir representative: This is the continuation of Tigran Sargsyan’s offshore (video)

Where are the 25 million dollars drawn from the budget for the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex – Hamalir –  which have not reached the addressee?

“Where is the money?  Show me! Twenty-five million dollars disappeared from the budget, and no one seems to be interested in it,” Koryun Grigoryan, Spokesman for the Karen Demirchyan Complex, told A1+.

“The money disappeared during the term of office of Prime Minister Tigran Sargysan and is the continuation of the offshore,” he continued.

“One of the friends of Mihran Poghosyan, Chief of the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service (JACES), says Complex is not a historical and cultural monument, while the other comes and expels employees from the building,” said Koryun Grigoryan.

The military police are guarding the Complex throughout the day. On August 1, employees of the Karen Demirchyan Complex are starting a series of protests.