Vazgen Khachikyan said he had given 250,000 dollars to Ishkhan Zakaryan

A Yerevan court today continued the hearing of the case that involves Vazgen Khachikyan, the former head of Armenia’s Social Welfare Service who was arrested in September 2012 on embezzlement and fraud charges.  Among the people interrogated in the process are employees of the Service’s divisions and pensioners. Many others have been involved in the case as defendants.

Today, the court heard the fourth testimony of defendant Hovhannes Grigoryan, a former chief of the payment service, who turned out to have made ​​a sensational statement.

The defendant recalled that once Vazgen Khachikyan had called him to his office and said that he had given $ 250 000 to Chairman of the Control Chamber Ishkhan Zakaryan. Khachikyan also asked the Grigoryan for money saying he was to given Zakaryan another $ 250 000. Khachikyan promised to return the money.