Syrian Conflict: More Armenians killed in Aleppo blasts

More victims and wounded people were reported in fresh attacks on the Armenian-populated city of Aleppo, Syria, on Tuesday.

“In the result of blasts carried out by armed groups on Wednesday, Sona Palkyan died in Challah Region in Aleppo. Azniv Arushyan was killed in the blast in the vicinities of the Armenian Holy Trinity (Zvartnots) church. Juliet Khachaturyan, Gevorg Tashchyan, Hagop Hakobyan, Raffi Ayvazyan Hovhannes Ayvazyan and Gevorg Galemchyan were wounded.

Galemchyan died a few seconds later. One more person – Araxi Khachatruryan-Arushyan, the sister of Azniv Arushyan who was killed earlier on Wednesday, died in a fresh blast near Zvartnots church in the evening,” the Aleppo information center reports.

More than 100 Armenian have been killed in the Syrian civil war which started in 2011. About 11,000 Syrian-Armenians have relocated to Armenia as a result of the conflict.