Japanese embassy to open in Yerevan in 2015

Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan received on July 30 the Japanese chargé d’affaires Kenichiro Sasame.

Greeting his guest, Taron Margaryan expressed confidence that the opening of a Japanese embassy in Yerevan scheduled for 2015 will give fresh impetus to the bilateral relations between Yerevan and Tokyo, as well as other Japanese cities.

“Yerevan is actively cooperating with many cities throughout the world and we are willing to establish cooperation with Tokyo as well. I am sure there are numerous areas of mutual interest and cooperation will prove mutually beneficial,” Mr Margaryan said adding that Yerevan is a member of the Mayors for Peace international organization headed by Hiroshima Mayor.

Mr Margaryan stressed that the opening of the Hiroshima Peace Stone- a memorial symbolizing the heart of the people of Hiroshima, in Children’s Park in Yerevan, proves again Yerevan is willing to deepen cooperation with Japanese cities.

Mr Sasame thanked Taron Margaryan for the warm reception and willingness to cement cooperation. He said that activities in that direction will be intensified after the opening of the Japanese embassy in Armenia.

At the end of the meeting, Taron Margaryan reiterated the readiness of the Yerevan Municipality to strengthen cooperation with the Japanese side.