Ashot Manucharyan: We do not have our goals, mind and willpower (video)

Armenia’s role in the international arena today is zero, a member of the Karabakh Committee told reporters on July 30.

Ashot Manucharyan says we – Armenians – do not have our goals, mind and willpower.

“Armenia’s role can increase internationally only in case we are able to unite all Armenians spread worldwide,” he said.

Ashot Manucharyan urges Armenian to make a joint assembly for the sake of a united Armenia and says the calls and private meetings of parties are a disgrace destroying the country. The member of the Karabakh Committee says today the world is ruled by oligarchs and very often countries are forced to execute the order of other countries.

The postponement of Armenia’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union is conditioned by the current situation in the world. “An attack has been launched against the dollar and these processes will lead to the deepening of the crisis in Russia or in the US,” he stressed.