Zaruhi Postanjyan: Galust Sahakyan did everything to increase his salary

Starting July 1, the monthly salary of Armenian Parliament Speaker will make AMD 1 190 000 instead of the current AMD 340 000. The salaries of lawmakers have been doubled and they will receive AMD 460 000 a month. The salaries of vice speakers, parliament spokesperson, advisor to the parliament speaker, head of the parliament staff and other officials have also been increased in compliance with the Law on Remuneration of Persons Holding Public Offices that entered into force on July 1.

Speaking about the expediency of raising the salary of Parliament Speaker AMD 1 190 000 given the unfavourable social conditions in the country, Heritage Party MP Zaruhi Postanjyan said during the discussion of the bill Parliament Speaker Galust Sahakyan was doing his utmost for the adoption of the law.

“I do not think that lawmakers are the most vulnerable layer of the society whose salary was to be increased dramatically. At first, they could increase the salaries of those citizens who really live in bad social conditions. I mean teachers, policemen, military and many others,” she said.