Levon Hayrapetyan’s Headquarters warns against organizing spontaneous marches

Lawyers and friends of jailed Armenian businessman and benefactor Levon Hayrapetyan call on people to refrain from organizing spontaneous marches and demonstrations in support of Hayrapetyan, given the legal process around the businessman’s imprisonment and the importance of not obstructing the process.

“We have no right to impede the legal process with our steps. Some people are calling for our citizens to join the march to be held on July 31 in support of Levon Hayrapetyan. We consider the move inexpedient at this moment and announce that the march is not organized by Levon Hayrapetyan’s Headquarters.

At the same time, we urge everyone to avoid taking any measures without agreeing them with the Headquarters. We shall develop a comprehensive action plan and act accordingly,” reads the statement of the Headquarters.

An online petition in support of Armenian businessman and benefactor Levon Hayrapetyan has been launched on Avaaz.org website. According to media reports, the statement addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin calls for the release of the 65-year-old businessman who, as the authors of the petition insist, qualifies for the measure under Russia’s Criminal Code.

Thousands of people have already signed the petition posted on avaaz.org.

Hayrapetyan was arrested in Moscow on July 15 and is charged with money laundering.