Why do officials in Armenia read Aravot daily? (video)

The staff of Yerevan-based Aravot daily is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the newspaper.

During his meeting with journalists on July 29, Aram Abrahamyan, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, spoke about the opening of the newspaper, its path, the difficulties and obstacles encountered by print media and the prospects of development.

Mr Abrahamyan says Aravot has never become affiliated with any party and continued to write its opinions freely.

“Aravot has never been ordered to keep away from someone’s business as many are ordered today,” Mr Abrahamyan said adding that the reporters working for the newspaper are able to maintain the balance and never take anyone’s words for granted.

The newspaper receives a great deal of reader feedback; readers usually send comments, mainly to ‘criticize’ someone but a busy person will never sit down and make comments.

Asked why officials in Armenia prefer to read Aravot, Mr Abrahamyan said, “I never try to ruin people or frighten them. I just want to believe that they read the newspaper to have deeper and broader knowledge of the issue.”

In the end, Aram Abrahamyan advised journalists not to ‘run after clicks’ and present the situation in true colours.