Levon Hayrapetyan’s brother recalls Medvedev’s words

The brother of Levon Hayrapetyan, the native Artsakh millionaire arrested in Moscow on July 15, says Hayrapetyan’s health has deteriorated sharply in custody and he could hardly speak to him.

“His blood pressure reached 200 mm Hg. Prison doctors injected him some medicine, after which she slept,” Vladimir Hayrapetyan told Artsakh Today news agency.

He said even if his brother is guilty of all the charges levied against him, courts should take into consideration Medvedev’s calls for milder punishment, use of bail for easing penalty for those accused for so-called ‘economic crimes.’

“If they deal with a crime against the external security of the state and security of mankind, it is a different question. But when they deal with economic crimes pressures do not always yield results,” said Medvedev.

On July 24, Armenian businessman and philanthropist Levon Hayrapetyan, was officially charged with embezzlement and illegal money laundering by a Russian investigative body. Hayrapetyan, 65, has pleaded not guilty.