Aram Manukyan is ignored, say historians (video)

“The Father of the Republic of Armenia,” the founder of modern Armenia Aram Manukyan is ignored,” Tigran Petrosyants, Director of “Zoravar” Foundation and Armen Asryan, Author of “Aram Manukyan” monograph, said on Tuesday.

Tigran Petrosyants says that Aram Manukyan’s house is on the verge of collapse. “Only the walls of the house are standing: roof has collapsed, the windows are broken and trees are growing inside the house,” he said.

The historians are calling the attention of relevant bodies to the neglected house.

“This is a jubilee year for Aram Manukyan, a key figure of the Armenian history. The state is supposed to solemnly mark his 135th anniversary but nothing has been done so far,” said Mr Petrosyants.

The historians have applied to the president, prime minister and mayor several times with a request to build a house-museum dedicated to the famed statesman but to no avail. They are going to apply to the authorities again asking them to erect a statue to Aram Manukyan. Besides, they are going to address a letter to the government proposing to create an Aram Manukyan medal to be given to Armenians who have made a worthwhile contribution to their homeland.

Aram Manukyan’s house is situated at 9 Arami and is said to have been sold.