Hrant Bagratyan: Government has done nothing in 100 days (video)

The authorities in Armenia have not promised the four non-governing forces to implement the opposition-submitted 12-point list of demands: they have more tasks to perform, Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Galust Sahakyan said on July 28.

“Of course it will be much better if these 12 points coincide with our programs,” he said adding that ‘otherwise, the opposition is to draw corresponding conclusions.’

Mr Galust Sahakyan advises the opposition to forget about the change of power.

“I have been in politics for many years and I have frequently heard the opposition saying, “We shall soon come to power…”

The parliament official observes that ‘people who come to power usually do it calmly and quietly without loud shouts and warnings.’

Hrant Bagratyan, a lawmaker of the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK), says the political forces do not like sitting and waiting for the government to take concrete steps. The economist says the executive body led by Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan has made one or two steps; there is no reason to be optimistic.

Evaluating the first 100 days of the government, Mr Bagratyan said the executive could have done ten times more things during this period; the figures do not greatly exceed the indexes of the previous government.

Hrant Bagratyan also cited several items from the program proposed by the Abrahamyan-led government which offered concrete steps. The HAK member says in fact the government has done nothing in 100 days.