Former PM calls for jailed philanthropist Levon Hayrapetyan

Armen Darbinyan, a former prime minister of Armenia, has expressed concerns over the arrest of Armenian businessman and philanthropist Levon Hayrapetyan in Moscow.

“Hayrapetyan’s detention and the subsequent two-month arrest chosen as a measure of restraint of the Armenian businessman is a serious test for Armenians. Irrespective of the crime he has committed (which I greatly doubt because press reports arouse numerous doubts about it), Armenia and Diaspora are to combine their efforts and forces to give Hayrapetyan as strong support as possible at this crucial moment,” Mr Darbinyan wrote on his Facebook.

“Levon is not Barkhudar. Nor is he Simon. Yes, sometimes he can be ‘out of favor,’ because of his madness and reckless freedom.  But let us remember the many beautiful occasions that this incredible craziness has afforded us… Let us remember and act accordingly,”Darbinyan said in his Facebook post.

Levon Hayrapetyan was detained on July 15. A few days later, a court in Moscow issued an arrest warrant for him and chose a two-month arrest as a measure of restraint. Last week, hthe 65-year-old businessman was officially charged with embezzlement and illegal money laundering by a Russian investigative body.