Armenia may return body of Azerbaijani citizen to his relatives

The Azerbaijani saboteur, who was killed during the neutralization of an Azerbaijani commando group that tried to infiltrate into Kelbajar district of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic earlier in July, has been buried in Karabakh.

Talking to A1+, Zara Amatuni, Head of Communication Programs of the ICRC Yerevan Office, said ICRC representatives attended the funeral and applied the Armenian side to hand over the body of the Azerbaijani citizen to his relatives.

ICRC representatives have also met with the other two arrested saboteurs who sent letters to their families via the ICRC.

Asked about the possibility of a prisoner swap between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Zara Amatuni said they were not engaged in prisoner exchange programs.

Speaking about the ongoing shootings in the direction of Chinari village and the gunfire targeted at ICRC representatives, Zara Amatuni said that the sides had reached a mutual agreement not to shoot during the harvesting of crops. However, the Azeri side violated the agreement and even damaged the flag and car window of the ICRC representatives.

The Armenian side opened response fire while the ICRC representatives left the area.