Azerbaijani bullet punctured ICRC flag

The situation remains tense on the Armenian-Azeri border, with the Azerbaijani side opening fire at Chinari village of Tavush region almost every day.

“Gunshots are heard constantly, with Azerbaijani forces shooting from sniper rifles and automatic weapons throughout the day. The enemy is even using multiple grenades,” says Samvel Saghoyan, Head of the border village. “They rain down on the village from different types of weapons. There seems to be an agreement between them: they fire a rocket, it lightens the area and they start shooting.”

Mr Saghoyan says the Azerbaijani side has kept the village under fire for several days. There was intense gunfire on Sunday. Azerbaijanis opened fire at the combine harvester working on the fields and even shot at the representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The head of Chinari village says Azerbaijan does not recognize any international organization. “The ICRC representatives came and watched farmers working on the fields. After a four-hour interval Azerbaijan side started shooting. The gunfire targeted not only Armenians but also ICRC representatives. One of the bullets broke the ICRC’s car window and punctured the flag attached to hood of the car,” said Mr Saghoyan.