I shall not be offended, if I am watered, says priest

Vardavar is not only a favorite festival, but also a national and patriotic holiday, Vardan Devrikyan, Deputy Director of Literature Institute, said on Saturday.

He said all Christian holidays based on a pre-Christian tradition and cited the words of Nicholas Marr who said that old gods never die in the slumbering consciousness of people.

“As Vardavar is a celebration of love, in ancient times young people got engaged at this period and married in autumn. No matter how much priests oppose, the old tradition of pouring water which symbolizes purification, continues in society. There is no need to ban the beautiful tradition of pouring water,” he said.

Priest Ter Karapet Karapetyan said in turn the Armenian Church is not against pouring water. “I do not agree that Vardavar is a pagan feast; it is a national holiday,” he said.

The priest says he used to participate in Vardavar celebrations in his childhood and drenched his friends with water. “It is a good way of cooling off especially in this hottest time of the year,” the priest said adding that he would not be offended, he was watered.