Collection of signatures initiated for life prisoner Mher Yenokyan

Over 150 citizens have joined the collection of signatures calling for the release of lifer Mher Yenokyan. The group demands that Yenokyan, who has already spent 19 years in prison, ‘be returned to society.’

The author of the initiative is Nane Movsisyan, a philosopher by profession.

“I have read Yenokyan’s article, then I began to search online for information about the lifer. My searches help me understand that I am dealing with an intellectual, rather than a criminal. It is not fair to deprive the society of such a personality. As a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, I see no need to protect me and people like from Mher Yenokyan,” Nane Movsisyan told A1+.

In 1996, when Yenokyan was 21 and in his third year at Yerevan State Medical University, he was sentenced to capital punishment for murdering one of his fellow students; the punishment was later changed to life imprisonment after capital punishment was outlawed. Yenokyan and his family claim that he did not kill his university mate Iosif Aghajanyan, and that the real murderer is their other friend Aram Haruyunyan who has served his term (his punishment was much milder) and is free now.