Mother says MP is exerting pressure on her son (video)

Why was my sole heir taken into custody?

Lia Hovhannisyan, the mother of Valery Hovhannisyan who was arrested in connection with the May 17 shooting at a Yerevan flea market, known as Vernissage, was trying to get the answer outside the government building on July 24.

The mother says Karo Karapetyan, a lawmaker of the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK), and his relatives are exerting pressure on him persuading him to give false testimony.

“My son will not bear false testimony. Let Karo forget about it,” said the mother.

Five people were injured in the May shooting near Vernissage –  Norayr Harutyunyan and Valery Hovhannisyan, both aged 30; Myasnik Hayrapetyan, 26; Albina Badalyan 64 and Mnatsakan Sukiasyan 72. All the five were transported to hospital with gunshot wounds in the legs and underwent surgeries.

A criminal case was instigated under Articles 235.1 and 258.4 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia.

Gor Arakelyan, a 29-year-old relation of Armenian lawmaker Karo Karapetyan, turned himself in to the police the next day in connection with the shooting. He also surrendered his Makorov pistol upon reporting to the police.

Hovhannisyan’s mother is especially angered by the fact that her son has been placed under two-month detention.