Wall of Life: 137 660 drams raised for construction of protective wall in Aygepar

Another 137 660 drams has been added to the money raised for the construction of a ‘protective wall” in frontier village of Aygepar. The fundraising was organized on July 19.

Hundreds of thousands of people joined the initiative of the Fund for Armenian Relief to realize the construction of a protective wall that will shelter and protect the kindergarten and school of the village.

About 648 people live in the frontier village.  Aygepar has a school with a student body of 54 and a kindergarten with 20-25 children.

The houses in the village are 100 meters away from the border with Azerbaijan. The kindergarten and school buildings are about 700 meters away.

The village is very close to the border with Azerbaijan – with one house only 100 meters away from the border. The kindergarten and the school buildings are about 700 meters away. There are reports of ceasefire violations targeting civilian buildings and schools every week. The school has been damaged several times, with bullets penetrating the building through windows and putting students at risk of being fatally hurt. The playground in front of the school is too dangerous to use because of the gunfire. A three-meter-high wall around the school area will protect the school from bullets and allow the children to safely use their playground.