Main visitors of Zikatar State Reserve are researchers (video)

Residents of Armenia’s northern Tavush region are born to be environmentalists. Proud of this, the locals point out their exuberant nature as the main factor. They claim that the forests in Noyemberyan are one the best-reserved forests in Armenia.

One of them is “Zikatar” State Reserve where you can find at least 70 trees on 150 hectares of land.

Specialist Seyran Azatyan says hunting and tree felling are banned in the reserve. Zikatar is set up on the top of Zikatar Mountain, Gugark Mountain Range, in the southern-western part of Tavush region. The main visitors are researchers. Mr Azatyan usually welcomes visitors, giving them detailed information about the center, its structure, mission and objectives and telling interesting episodes. For example, you can tell the age of a tree by counting its growth rings. The only exception is the pine tree: its age can be determined without cutting the tree.