Boeing 777 was downed by pro-Russian separatists, says Ukrainian Ambassador (video)

Ukrainian Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Kukhta is confident that the Boeing 777 was downed by Russian separatists with the weapons brought from Russia.

Talking to reporters in Yerevan, Mr Kukhta said the Ukrainian authorities possess facts, according to which, the plane was shot down by Russian-sponsored separatists.

“I believe that Russia supplied them with different arms, as they could not have shot from Y-shaped sticks,” the ambassador said adding that the authorities in his country are interested in the fair and objective investigation into the downing of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 which was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday when it was shot down in Ukraine’s rebel-held territory near the border with Russia.

In his speech, Ambassador Ivan Kukhta frequently used the word ‘terrorists.’ In reply a journalist’s question whether by suuporting supporting pro-Russian separatists Russia is also supporting terrorists, the ambassador said, “We claim that pro-Russian separatists or terrorists, call them as you want, be recognized as real terrorists. In this case, Russia is arming the terrorists.”

Speaking on Armenia-Ukraine relations, the ambassador focused on cultural ties, specifically on the character of Sergei Parajanov during the Golden Apricot International Film Festival.

“Great is Parajanov’s contribution to the Ukrainian culture. He was an Armenian, born in Georgia, who was imprisoned for his anti-Russian stance. If Parajanov were alive today, he would be among the demonstrators struggling on Maydan.”