Illegal use of weapons up among juvenile delinquents (video)

The number of juvenile delinquencies has considerably decreased in Armenia, says Nelly Duryan, Head of the Armenian Police Department dealing with juvenile offences.

“Overall 212 cases were reported at the same period in 2013. This year, the number stands at 180. The number of juvenile delinquencts has also gone down to reach 160 against the 180 of the previous year. Cases of corporal injuries, drug abuse and hooliganism have also decreased at school.

“This was made possible thanks to police inspectors working at school. They regularly check schools and surrounding areas,” she said.

The police official does not agree that minors commit crimes because of poor social conditions.  “I assure you social conditions do not matte as much as child’s upbringing and the example of his or her parent.”

Nelly Duryan also said that the illegal use of cold weapons has increased in the country.