Three hypotheses behind Levon Hayrapetyan’s arrest

The arrest of entrepreneur and philanthropist Levon Hayrapetyan, who has invested millions of dollars in Karabakh’s economy, its social infrastructure and army, has aroused concerns in Armenia.

Many say the arrest is politically motivated. Others say it is Russian authorities’ response to Armenia’s authorities for putting ex-director of the ArmenTel Company Igor Klimov on the wanted list. has talked to political analyst Gagik Hambaryan to know his opinion on the arrest of the Armenian businessman.

“Of course, people like Levon Hayrapetyan can be convicted for political reasons. How did it happen that they discovered Hayrapetyan’s ties with the Kingisepp organized criminal gang only now.”

I believe that in the case of Levon Hayrapetyan, Russian authorities did everything possible to see him in prison,” said Hambaryan.

on July 17, a court in Moscow issued an arrest warrant for Armenian entrepreneur and philanthropist Levon Hayrapetyan, who is charged with financial machinations connected with the sale of a Russian oil company in 2007.

Watch the video to know Hambaryan’s opinion on the arrest.