Yerevan Press Club marks its 19th anniversary

On July 18, Yerevan Press Club marked the 19th anniversary since its foundation. Since the day of its opening the YPC has supported development of independent and professional media, seeking to help strengthen democratic institutions and establish civil society in Armenia. The activities of Yerevan Press Club are directed towards perfection of professional level among journalists; development of the legislative field on media and protection of journalists’ rights; establishment of the professional environment and adoption of principles of professional ethics, journalistic solidarity, etc.

Today, the YSU wants to ‘set Armenia on the European path.’

“If we look at Armenia’s political landscape you can hardly find European-oriented forces there, but if you read the press, you will find numerous professional publications that focus on Armenia’s European Integration process,” says YPC Chairman Boris Navasardyan.

The YPC started its activities with small projects, later it began large-scale projects. This year, the club celebrated its birthday by giving presents. The annual rewards of Yerevan Press Club for best journalists and media organizations were awarded to photo journalist Nazik Armenakyan, website and the creative group of “Tatron 32” program aired by Armenian Public TV H1.