Armen Martirosyan: Opposition quartet will soon show whether it enjoys public support or not (video)

The four non-governing forces in Armenia did not sit idle during the summer months: they continued the fight against the corrupt authorities. At the same time, they continue developing programs to return people their last home. However, authorities are skeptical about these statements.

Manvel Badeyan, a lawmaker of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) says the opposition cannot do anything as their reputation is decreasing in the society.  He remembers that every year the opposition promised ‘hot political autumn or spring.’ “They are always threatening the authorities with hot political developments but the fact is that the opposition today does not have a strong footing in society. Let us live and see what happens,” he said.

The HHK lawmaker says the opposition will increase its role by making constructive proposals to promote economic growth and bettering living conditions.  At the same time, Mr Badeyan says the civil society in Armenia is frequently exaggerating the problems existing in the country.

“The electricity price increase, although tangible, is not a big problem as it is presented. Despite the public outcry over the problem, there is nothing pleasant in their protests,” he said.

Armen Martirosyan, Vice-Chairman of the opposition Heritage Party, takes the authorities’ assessments normally. He says the opposition quartet will soon show whether it enjoys public support or not. “We have taken a break but it does not mean that we have stopped working,” he says. “Should people love the acting authorities, they would not leave the country. It is evident that people are not with them [authorities]: they only have rigged ballots, absentee ballots and stolen votes…”

Lyudmila Sargsyan, a lawmaker of the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK), says the civil society and the non-governing parliamentary forces should unite in the fight against the authorities. “”Even the most powerful force will lose in the fight against this regime if it is alone. Our primary goal is to overthrow these authorities.”

Lyudmila Sargsyan reminds that they have given the authorities until autumn to meet their demands. “If they can satisfy the people and reconsider their approaches, perhaps they will be allowed to stay in power. Otherwise, they will be forced to step down.”