Soldiers solve diplomatic problems at the expense of their blood (video)

During their meeting with reporters on Friday, musician Vahan Artsruni and Chairman of the Writers’ Union of Armenia Edward Militonyan spoke about the tense situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

“When the state lacks a clear diplomacy, the heavy burden of all these problems lies on soldiers’ shoulders and soldiers sacrifice themselves in order to save these diplomatic problems,” said Vahan Artsruni.

Speaking about the recent act of sabotage on the border, Mr Militonyan said, “Evidently, Azerbaijan violates the truce more frequently than Armenia and tries to demonstrate its firearms and capacities, ignoring even Russia and the United States in the matter. We need to be actively engaged in politics and diplomacy and purchase modern weapons.”

They also blamed Armenians for not understanding the seriousness of the moment. “What is the use of speaking if people are feasting every day forgetting the grief and sorrow?” said Mr Militonyan. They are also surprised at the indifferent of Diaspora.

Asked whether intellectuals are concerned about the situation on the border, both men said they often hold meetings to discuss the attack and cases of ceasefire violation on the border.

In conclusion, they said that although there are shortcomings in the army, everything should be done, starting from psychological assistance to acquisition of arms to make the army more stable.