Iranian Ambassador was surprised to hear Armenian Minister’s statement (video)

Azerbaijanis living in Iran cannot be a threat to Armenia, Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Mohammad Raiesi told reporters in Yerevan on July 18.

The ambassador says Iran is against any violence in the region and rule out the resumption of hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan. “Why should they resort to arms if they can solve the conflict through negotiations?  The relations between the two countries are brokered by the OSCE Minsk group mediators and they are against the use of force.”

Ambassador Mohammad Raiesi declined to comment on the recent reports that Russian peacekeeping forces will be deployed on Azerbaijan-Karabakh border. “It should be agreed on with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Minsk. Anyway, we are against deployment of foreign forces as we think that it may endanger the region, as happened in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said.

The Iranian ambassador was surprised to hear Armenian Defence Minister’s statement that there is a Turkish subdivision on the Armenia-Nakhichevan-Iran border. “This is the first time I hear such a thing, but I am confident that nothing can happen on the border between Armenia, Nakhichevan and Iran,” he said.