How Azerbaijani saboteurs entered Karabakh

Political expert Stepan Safaryan does not rule out that the arrested Azerbaijani citizens Shahbaz Jalal oglu Guliyev, 1968, and Dilgam Gardashkhan oglu Asgarov, 1960, and the third killed saboteur could have entered the territory of Artsakh legally by crossing the border checkpoint at the Bagratashen. He says the saboteurs could have been well trained and had fake passports.

Mr Safaryan says Azerbaijanis usually pretend to be deaf and dumb and enter Armenia with false passports. “About two years ago, a similar case was reported in Tavush region, where Azerbaijanis were caught selling socks.”

The expert says the arrested Azerbaijanis are of great importance for the NKR National Security service: ‘they are priceless treasure that can help determine the channels through which the Azeris penetrate to Armenia.

Mr Safaryan says the Azeris also had a clear assignment, that is to carry out a subversive act in the NKR. “If earlier they only studied the area, this time they clearly committed sabotage, kidnapped citizens of Artsakh, and stole cattle. And if they managed to cross the border in the future, it would be difficult to prove that the group members were Azerbaijanis,” he said.