Border village is cut off from the outside world (video)

The number of inhabitants of Jiliza village situated in the northeastern Lori region, on the border with Georgia, is decreasing with every passing year. Overall, 120 people live in the village today, with most of them being elderly people. The residents do not even feel the need of a store.

The worn-out UAZ model vehicle, the only shop found in the village, is closed today because of the lack of customers. Villagers prefer to buy the necessary goods in the city.

On Sundays, when the only bus heads towards Vanadzor to return on Monday, the driver is asked to transfer the products purchased by the villagers in the city. In the result, one can find more goods than passengers on the bus.

Most of the problems the village is faced with today are connected with the closed border. The village, blockaded on all four sides, is cut off from the outside world.

For more details watch the video of Alaverdi’s Ankyun +3 TV