Smbat Tsakanyan became victim of Azeri subversive act (video)

17-year-old Smbat Tsakanyan, who was killed by the Azeri reconnaissance-sabotage group that tried to cross the Armenian border [near Karvachar] last week, was buried next to his grandmother in one of the villages in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, reports.

After losing their house in Azerbaijan’s Chardakhlu village, the Tsakanyan family was building a new house in Nor Erkej village in Karabakh’s Karvachar region.

The body of the ethnic Armenian resident, who went missing last week, was found in a forest near Karvachar. There were gunshot wounds on the body, the NKR Police said in a statement.

Civilnet journalist Tatul Hakobyan has spoken with the family members and their relatives.