Freedom fighter: Government is serving foreign forces

Authorities in Armenia are carrying out subversive acts against their own people, says Gagik Sarukhanyan, a freedom fighter and a member of the Pre-parliament civil initiative.

“There are cases when one cannot say that he has made a mistake or is unable to do it. You see that the government can solve a lot of problems, but is deliberately carrying out sabotage against people,” says the freedom fighter.

Gagik Sarukhanyan believes that the current government has received a definite order from abroad. “It is evident that our government is serving foreign forces. Whenever, they call our officials, they rush and sign certain documents.”

The member of the Pre-parliament reminds that the civil initiative has given a deadline to the acting regime until April 24 2015 to step down.  “We shall ensure their security and leave the corridor open, we do not want them to become the pest of our nation. The sooner they resign, the better for them.”