Construction of Afrikyan’s House to start in 2014 (video)

Afrikyan Club Building, one of the most unique architectural monuments in Yerevan also known as Afrikyan’s House, has been dismantled despite the ongoing struggle and protests of civil activists. Even intellectuals organized a collection of signatures for the restoration of the building in the same area.

Minister of Urban Development Narek Sargsyan has other prospects. “The construction of the building will start this year within the framework of the Old Yerevan program.”

The Afrikyan building, located on 11 Teryan Street, was built at the end of the 19th century. Based on a Government decision in 2004, the building was included in the state list of historical and cultural immovable monuments of the city of Yerevan as a national monument.

According to a new Government decision the Afrikyan building will be dismantled and rebuilt at another location. The building is included in the “Old Yerevan” program, which will be designed and implemented in the neighboring streets of Abovyan, Byuzand, Koghbatsi and Aram.