Political analyst: Azerbaijan seeks to abort the meeting with Armenian side (video)

It is too early to speak about Sargsyan-Aliyev meeting, says political analyst Ruben Mehrabyan. “The initiative belongs to French President Francoise Hollande and has been supported by the U.S. and Russia, though the latter reluctantly gave its approval. However, Azerbaijan has no desire to hold the meeting,” he said.

The political analyst says by keeping the situation tense on the Line of Contact between Azerbaijani and Karabakh armed forces, Azerbaijan wants to make this initiative unrealizable.  “With its acts of sabotage Azerbaijan seeks to abort any meeting.”

Mr Mehrabyan thinks Serzh Sargsyan’s statement that on September 3 Armenia will finalize its accession to the Russian-led Customs Union has undermined Armenia’s security. “But if we took the path to Europe we would strengthen our position in the international arena and guarantee Armenia’s security.”