Azerbaijanis tried to humiliate Armenians, says political expert (video)

There can be no doubt that the Azerbaijani citizens, who infiltrated into the territory of Karvachar district of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, were saboteurs, says political expert Stepan Safaryan.

“Аll those who believe that this was not act of sabotage are in delusion, to be more precise, they help Azerbaijan to spread misinformation. I do not accuse them of collaborating with Azerbaijan, but these are only thesis circulated by the Azerbaijani side,” he said.

Gagik Sarukhanyan, a member of the Pre-parliament and a freedom fighter, holds a different opinion on the Azeri group’s infiltration attempt. “This is something incomprehensible. I cannot call it sabotage. I have seen saboteurs; these people are not like them.”

Analyzing the videos available on the Internet and the reports of Azeri media, Stepan Safaryan came to the conclusion that Azeri saboteurs worked for a domestic audience by organizing a picnic in Karvachar.

Then he recalled another video spread by Azeri media that showed two Azerbaijanis praying in the territory of Armenia’s Sisian town in 2013. “In both cases, Azerbaijanis had the same purpose: they wanted to show that it was easy for them to cross the border with Armenia in those sections, they are fearless. They also attempted to humiliate Armenians as it is uncommon to make barbecue in Karvachar and leave the fire burning after you.  In general, diversionists leave fire burning on special purpose,” he said.

He urges everyone not to fall into confusion judging by the poor looks on the saboteurs’ face. In fact they are very experienced and know the area very well.

Artsrun Hovhannisyan, Spokesman for the Armenian Defence Ministry, says Azerbaijan has changed its tactics. “In the past, Azeri commando groups tried to penetrate into the frontline while today they are given more complicated tasks.”  Mr Hovhannisyan says Armenian soldiers have been able to neutralize Azeri saboteurs so far. He explains the activation of Azeri troops by the strengthening of Armenian armed forces.