Why do Armenian families want to have a son? (video)

In Armenian families, parents are happy to have children of both sexes, but make sure you have a boy, say studies.

Many are cases when the husband insisted that their first child be a boy. And if several girls were born into a family, it might lead to the breakdown of the family.

Psychologist is convinced that if both sexes were given equal rights in our country, it would reduce abortion rates conditioned by the sex of the child.

In demographic terms, terminating a pregnancy because of the foetus causes serious damages to the country, says Mher Manukyan, UNFPA Armenia Communication Assistant. He stresses that before 2060, Armenia may lose about 93,000 potential mothers.

Sex-selective abortion is even more alarming in rural communities, with Gegarkunik and Aragatsotni regions coming first in the world with gender-based abortions.

Watch the vide to know the opinion of our citizens on the issue of sex preference.