Karabakh opens criminal cases against Azerbaijani saboteurs

Authorities in Nagorno-Karabakh have opened criminal proceedings in connection with an Azerbaijani subversive group’s infiltration into the territory of the republic’s Karvachar district.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic said Azeri citizens Shahbaz Jalaogly Guliev, 46, and Dilham Gardashkha, 54, had been chased and captured in the result of operational measures taken by the units of the NKR Defense Army, National Security Service and Police. The detained saboteurs were armed with different weapons which had been used during the infiltration attempt of the Azeri reconnaissance-sabotage group. The weapons have been seized.

The NKR General Prosecutor’s Office created a special investigative task force that includes representatives from the corresponding subdivisions of the National Security Service and the Police.

The case is under the proceeding of the National Security Service. An inquest is under way.

The Azeri reconnaissance-sabotage group attempted to penetrate into Karvachar last Wednesday, but its movement was spotted by frontline Karabakh units that managed to thwart the raid. Some of the group members were captured, while others fled.

The information about the raid was immediately dismissed by Azerbaijan, in response to which the NKR Defense Ministry published the photographs of the weapons and ammunition confiscated from one of the captives. Later it published the photograph of the captive himself, Shahbaz Guliyev, 46.