MP: Great Britain has made large investments in Azerbaijan and is bound in Karabakh issue (video)

Several members of the Armenia-Great Britain Friendship Group are satisfied with their recent visit to London. Talking to reporters in Yerevan, Head of the Armenian delegation Tevan Poghosyan said during the visit, they discussed political and economic issues.

British are greatly interested in Armenia’s foreign policy, especially Armenia’s upcoming membership to the Eurasian Economic Union and Customs Union.

Karine Achemyan, a lawmaker from the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK), says although the British side is not much delighted with the choice of Armenia, they fully understand the situation. “Our colleagues in London accepted our proposals and promised to help.  Given the Karabakh issue Armenia cannot put aside its interests and always speaks from that position during meetings and discussions that take place on the international level,” she said.

Artsvik Minasyan, another member of the group and a lawmaker from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation –Dashnaktsutyun, emphasizes Great Britain’s interest in our region. “England has made large investments in Azerbaijan, therefore it feels bound to act in favour of Armenia. It is important that we present our package as counterbalance and in order to improve partnership with Great Britain,” he stressed.

The British side was particularly concerned about Armenia’s participation and voting in international processes. Tevan Poghosyan once again underlined that Armenia cannot vote for a document which only focuses on a country’s territorial integrity as an international right. “Armenia has always voted for documents which did not pay attention to the right of nations to self-determination,” he said.