Seyran Ohanyan: Saboteurs will be made accountable (video)

Armenia’s Defence Minister Seyran Ohanyan is thankful to journalists who always try to send him to the frontline and keep him next to soldiers.

Mr Ohanyan made the announcement on Tuesday after he was asked a question about the neutralization of an Azeri subversive group that tried to infiltrate into Armenia the territory of Karvachar region.

“Azerbaijan’s military leadership also sends criminal gangs that are familiar with the region. Acoording to our laws, they have committed a crime and law enforcement agencies in Nagorno Karabakh have already launched criminal proceedings. They will be made accountable in accordance with the requirements of international norms,” said the Armenian Defence Minister.

Seyran Ohanyan says Azerbaijan has always tried to be active and maintaining a permanent state of tension on the frontline. At the same time he underlined that Armenians do not want to be dragged into war for a second time.

“When they [Azerbaijanis] first dragged us into war, the people of Artsakh came out of the war with honour and dignity, celebrated their success and victory in the war. Now they try to use the tense situation to influence the negotiations by achieving one-sided concessions. I have said many times and I repeat now that only in the atmosphere of trust and dialogue can we settle the Karabakh issue,” said Mr Ohanyan.